Group Lessons

The Music in Me


A dynamic readiness program specially designed for young children with emphasis on ear training, solfege singing, pitch, movement, keyboard activities, and rhythm awareness.

3-4 Years Old
45 Minutes
Wednesday 5:30-6:15PM

Harmony Road

Carefully constructed for children to learn the basics of music. Emphasis on ear training, solfege singing, solo and ensemble keyboard playing, rhythm activities, movement, and music creativity. Students learn “inner hearing” which help them develop skills in musical transposition, improvisation and composition.

5 – 6 Years Old
(55 Minutes)
Tuesday 4:30 – 5:25 PM 3/7
Thursday 6:00 – 6:55 PM 3/9

The Young Musician

An exciting program introducing students to keyboard and piano skills, ear training, solfege singing, pitch development, and rhythmic activities. Parents share in class time, and are guided in follow-up activities.

7-10 Years Old
(55 Minutes)
Tuesday 7:00 – 7:55 PM 3/7
Thursday 5:00 – 5:55 PM 3/9

Introduction to Guitar


Intro to Guitar is our new 8-lesson program that delves into the fundamentals of guitar, building up a solid foundation to help the student grow and succeed both as a guitarist and as an overall musician. This exciting, fun and educational course is the perfect way for beginners to learn how play! By the end of the course, students will have learned note-reading, rhythm, basic composition and improvisation, how to play a variety of songs and much more.
2 Students Minimum 4 Students Max
(45 Minutes Weekly | 8 lessons total)



Children’s Choir

In this class children will learn the basics of vocal technique, breathing, sight singing, and performance skills. There are recitals every year following the completion of the course to show what the children have learned.
5-12 Years Old
(45 Minutes)
Tuesday 5:30-6:15 PM